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Lab retreat with Svend Kjaer – UK, October 2021

This year’s lab retreat was in the UK’s peak district with characteristically wet English weather but beautiful walk and a quaint pub in the local village. Everybody gave a big picture talk with great discussions. Also, a tough quiz courtesy of Ines plus fun and games in the evening. Fantastic organisation by Ines, Ana and Sophie.

Pictures from our official lab photographer Cyrille and a few from Yifan:

Joint lab retreat with Yohanns Bellaiche lab – Italy, October 2019

Pictures from our official lab photographer Cyrille:

Gordon Research Conference/Research Seminar 2017

In 2017, Sam and JP organised the Developmental Biology Gordon Research Conference and its associated Gordon Research Seminar. Here are some pictures from our week in Mt Holyoke, USA.

Lab Retreat – Kent, UK. Spring 2017

A few pictures from our lab retreat courtesy of our lab photographer Cyrille:

Miscellaneous 2015

A few pictures from 2015:

The Vincent/Leopold joint lab retreat – France, March 2015

A selection of pictures from a fantastic week in the south of France with our friends from the Leopold lab. Most of the retreat was spent on the island of Île Sainte-Marguerite off the coast of Cannes. There was beautiful scenery, a kayak excursion in the sun and plenty of rewarding discussions. We look forward to repaying the favour with a UK retreat in the future!

Laurent the adventurer – Cannes, 2015 (video)

Masters student Laurent taking one final swim before our return to the UK. Watch to the end for a slow motion replay which has very funny effects on some of the laughter in the background!

Photos from the Vincent lab, in and around the N.I.M.R.

Christmas lights

Switching on the lab Christmas lights, 2013. With special celebrity guest Eileen!